Fall Feathered Owl Wreath

Feathered Owl Wreath

My love affair with owls began at a young age. My grandmother, “Mama Liz”, was obsessed with them. She had some of the scariest looking owls I had ever seen...but it was the cute little snow owls that made me fall in love. People constantly give me owl figurines and décor items they find at the thrift or at yard sale. While I really do appreciate the kindness I have an abundance owls in every part of my house. The one in the wreath just happens to be one of them.

This wreath is a straw base wreath from the dollar store. Harvest swag and feather boa from the local craft store and my thrift gift snow owl. Use hot glue to adhere the boa to wreath base. Insert swag and hot glue figurine. Allow the figurine plenty of time to set depending upon it’s weight. Hang & enjoy your fall décor piece for under 5 bucks!

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