Easy Halloween Craft: Luminaries for the Kids

here is another EASY halloween craft that is super fun for the kids (and messy!)

you will need the following
(see photo above)
orange/white tissue paper
(or get green and make some Frankenstein luminaries)
mod podge
glass jars/cloches
paint brush
black cardstock
tea light candle/battery operated candle
( i recommend battery operated...it's safer)

cut tissue paper into 2 inch strips.
if you are using larger glass make them thicker.
for small glass make then thinner. (duh.)

i let M try to cut.
he couldn't do it without his tongue hanging out.
or his left hand becoming an imaginary pair of scissors too! :)

don't cut your mama M!

coat your glass with mod podge.

layer your glass with tissue paper.
use mod podge between each layer.
i did 3 for this project.

M is still working hard!

you might like to do your luminaries a different way...
but i do mine upside down. i dont like the tops to look messy.
before the top coat of mod podge dries cut out eyes & mouth with the cardstock.
position them onto the top and coat again.

let them dry for about 2 hours.

insert candle.

i would call this my mini table scape...but it is on top of my deep freezer...
so here is my halloween freezer-scape....
which was relocated after the crafting photo shoot!
happy halloween!

this craft was published in the fall 2013 issue of lake wedowee life
check it out below!
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  1. Very easy craft for halloween. The best part is kids can make them by their own without taking help of parents or some other elders.

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