{Little Leprechaun Beard} St. Patrick's Day Craft

Get your child involved in this magical craft. Create the perfect St. Patrick’s Day accessory for the cutest little leprechaun in your life!

Supplies: Orange Yarn & Pipe Cleaner & Dollar Store Hat

 Cut yarn around 4 inches long. I used about 40 pieces. You can always trim the beard later if its too long. Loop it through the pipe cleaner from one side to the other. Leave about a half inch on each side to hook behind the ears.

Loop at the middle point of the yarn like the photo below (im not sure what this type of knot is called...if you know please comment below!)

Make the beard as full as youd like. I chose to go from ear to ear.


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  1. Oh My Gosh! I LOVE!!! this idea! I can't wait to give it a try too!
    I "think" that knot is called a "Slip Knot!" I could be wrong though!

  2. Thanks Laura! I appreciate you informing me!!

  3. What did you attach the pipe cleaner to so it stays?

  4. What did you attach the pipe cleaner to so it stays?

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