DIY Yard Sale Mirror Makeover

I have had this project finished for about 2 weeks now and am just now getting around to posting it! (Shame on me!) BUT I have been a busy lady! Mr. B's birthday was this past week and we had a week long celebration (that is still ongoing I might add)

ANYWAYS.... I found this mirror at a yard had 2 stickers on it one sai $10 and the other said $20. It has a plastic frame but the frame is in excellent shape AND the mirror is high quality....really a good piece. It is about 4 feet high too so i really really wanted it in my living room since I have no wall decor in there at all.

I ended up getting the mirror for $5!! WOW i couldnt believe it! I took it home and immediately got ready to paint it white! since i have been talked out of painting my living room white i decided that most of my wall decor will be white and i wish i could have a white couch but with an 8 year old boy in the house that is not gonna happen! plus i am so would probably be me that makes the first stain on it!

along the sides of the mirror i put painters tape up under the lip of the frame and onto the mirror. then i covered with cardboard and taped it down.

i set some old bpxes i was planning on recycling out in the yard and placed the mirror on top. then i went to town with my spray paint. i used about a half can.

i love that the "wood grain" still shows up! it looks like i bought it at the store this way. i can't even tell it was spray painted. at this point though i was worried that i might have gotten too carried away and had paint on the mirror itself.

luckily i did not. it looks great!!

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