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Free Patriotic Printables

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Several months ago we started tossing around ideas for upcoming covers. We wanted to do a spin on the lemonade stand idea and decided to create a firework stand.  Our d├ęcor for the firework stand was created on a whim as the weather  has not been very predictable.

This is yet another inexpensive and quick way to  decorate around the house on a budget and more than likely with items you already have laying around. 

Several of the items we used are available for download free (see below).  For our patriotic banner we used cardstock and printed our free download. 

There are several styles to choose from so have fun picking your favorite. 

For this look we secured our banner to our twine with tape.  For a more permanent banner you may want to try a different adhesive like hot glue.  For our faux fireworks we simple used printed papers (also available as a free download below) and rolled them in a cylinder. I used a sponge, that I cut in the shape of a star, dipped in paint to add a little texture and definition to the look. Kelly and I went on a local shopping spree the day before the shoot to look for anything we could find to give us some ‘fire’. 

For the hanging rocket I simply used poster board rolled and taped. Spray paint blue and allow it to dry completely. Use the star shaped sponge dipped in paint to decorate. After it dries use your favorite scrapbook papers to create the cone shape for the nose and the fins. You can also download our free nose and fin printables to recreate this exact look. 

These will make perfect decorations for our Lake Wedowee Fourth of July Boat Parade. Entry forms and parade information can be found on our website. I will be out at the parade taking photos so I will notice if you have used these ideas! 

Special thank you to Miss Ryver McEwen for being our firecracker cover girl!  Also special thanks to Reclaiming the McEwens for providing the lemonade/firework stand  for our shoot. 

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