thrifty shopping trip to pell city alabama

yesterday my mom, B & i set out on a day of thrifting.
we decided to hit up pell city and take the back roads as there are a lot of little shops along u.s. hwy 78 that are always fun to stop at.

our first stop was the treasure chest. 
this was our first time stopping in. she had the antique shop feel going on with vendors purchasing booth space. there were a lot of neat things there as well as clothing consignments. we saw this framed topo map of hawaii and B wanted to buy it. he is so silly. hawaii has no special meaning for us...and it was $25 which is a good price but not for a 9 year old to play with!

mama got several inexpensive christmas gifts and then we headed on to the next stop.

less than a mile from the treasure chest we found tidlee winks. the outside of her shop was very bright and decorated with hand painted signs. she had a lot of thrift/vintage stuff but some things she did not want to sell....why do you even have them in your store if you do not want to sell them? she had a cool ernest pull string doll for $10 that i got down to test ( i so would have bought it for B because he loves ernest almost as much as my little brother) and the owner got angry at me for touching...HELLO i am an adult and a paying not going to purchase something like this without trying it out!
mama got a troll doll for little KC since she thinks they are so funny (see her troll doll love here)
i might stop here again and give this cute little shop another try. sometimes people are just having a bad day!

our next stop was the pink variety store.

this store is an overstock wholesale type store but we always seem to find something that we need around the house. they also have MEGA hardware items, loose nuts, bolts, screws and nails as well as decor items. this is always a must stop for our pell city trips!

while at the pink store one of the cashiers told us about elijah's barrel on main street so we decided to check them out.
i am so glad that we did. this thrift store was so amazing. one of the best i have ever been to. it has the feel of an antique store with thrift pricing.

they were also having a half off summer sale so everything except books was half off!
the staff was so friendly. there were 2 sides to this place. they had matching buildings across from the street of each other. they had adult clothing and accessories with a few odds and ends on one side and then they had children clothes and household items on the other. i cannot say enough good things about this place. i will definitely be back soon to see what else we can find!

this train set was at elijah's barrel. it is not for sale but was such an awesome edition to the store!

we finished off the trip with lunch,  landis antique mall and america's thrift store.

we saw this weird clock(?) at landis antique mall in pell city as well as the creepy purple haired troll.

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  1. Hey there girl! I just wanted to check in with you since I haven't heard back from regarding the Pinterest Incentive Program. With the blog hop going live in less than 2 weeks, I just wanted to make sure you were still interested. Hope everything is okay with you. I'm thinking I may not have your most recent email (could be the reason I've gotten no response)? Hope you are okay and I look forward to hearing back from you :o)

  2. Elijah's Barrel is now gone but there is another thrift store there called The Foundry. It has some of the best deals especially on furniture!!!

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