Beach Bathroom Thrift Store Mirror Makeover

like i said in one of my recent posts i am officially a homeowner. starting over from scratch is very overwhelming...but that's the thing...i get to start over! fresh new designs and decor! and by new i mean thrift store and yard sale junk turned into one of a kind pieces!!

my sad bathroom looked like it had been stripped bare (like the rest of the house) and it had no mirror. so i searched around on pinterst at prices at home improvement stores...and looked at yard sales/thrift stores...and i came to one conclusion... a good mirror is freaking expensive. so i decided to tough it out and wait. i only had to wait a few days because i found this on. at first it had a price of $20 and one of the thrift store workers heard me saying "i'm not spending $20 on this mirror. someone tried to paint it and did a crappy job even though its close to the color i want and it's too small." so she offered to mark it down to $5. so i jumped at that price and brought it home.

even though this mirror is smaller than i wanted ( and a good friend of mine offered me a larger one from her yard sale stash so ill get a larger one) the quality of the mirror was great.

i took the mirror out and cleaned the frame and mirror up.
i did not realize the hunger games were on the newspaper scarp i was using until after i took this photo!
since this is going into my "cottage beach chic" style bathroom ( if it actually ends up looking like that we shall only wait and see) i like the light blue/grey/green tones that go along with that theme. so i didnt have to worry about priming the frame since it is close to the color i wanted. i just mixed my paint and painted away.

after i got done painting 2 coats of blue it needed a little something else. since it is very weathered and it had a really cool design etched into the wood on the inside and outside edge i decided to accent them with a sea green color. then i accented the corners with a little as well. i attached a star fish i painted (its one we found a few years back) and a natural star fish that i purchased on a recent beach trip.

here is the end result.

i wont be hanging this mirror since i will be getting a new one to dress up soon. this one will go elsewhere in the bathroom to add "space" to the area...and so mr. b and i can both get ready at the same time in the mornings!

my next bathroom project will be attacking this hideous brass light fixture in the bathroom. im going to try and paint it with a white washed look.

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  1. That looks very artsy! I'm really digging the starfish ornament. Most people don't realize that you can make a "brand new" piece of furniture by just touching it up a bit, as you did here. Grand!

    -Irwin Zinkin

  2. What paint colors did you use? I love it!

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