Spring Mantel Décor : Framed Burlap Rosettes

Spring Mantel Décor Framed Burlap Rosettes

I love springtime. The grass is so green and all the flowers start to bloom. This mantel has a rustic look for early spring. The materials I used to make this mantel focal piece were a thrift store frame painted ( this one is a 16 x 20), burlap, faux robin eggs, brown craft paper, and a hot glue gun. I removed the glass and spray painted the frame. While the paint dried I lined the frame back with the craft paper. The length of your burlap will depend on the size of the rosettes you’d like to make. For this particular size I cut my strips close to 2 inches wide and 6 inches in length. Measurements do not have to be exact. To create the rosettes simply twist the burlap into a loose coil, start rolling at one end into a circular shape. Hot glue the loose end and secure underneath to hold the rosette into place. After the glue is set hot glue it onto the frame back. I measured and marked each spot to ensure symmetry. TO give this a little color to go with my other décor items I simply added the robin eggs to make the rosettes look more like a nest. Put the frame back together and viola! A beautiful and inexpensive mantel focal piece!

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