i give a hoot! (all things owl-ish)

so i want to do a blog about owl stuff....so here it goes...all things owl!

here is one i found that im going to try out soon
i found this and some other cute party ideas here.

here is another site i came across with a free down loadable template.

the template along with other awesome things can be found here.

this one is cute also
and here is the link to the site where i found it

here is a quilled owl and this blog i found it on is all about quilling craft(which is hard to do but i love it)

and here is a few of my personal owls.

ill be updating this particular blog when i take some more photos of my owls at home and the crafts ive made of owls :)

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  1. I'm curious about the owls in ur first pic. Please email me. Smuckers023@gmail.com

  2. Wow, some super-cute stuff here! I'm throwing my girlfriend a baby shower next week and I think I'll amp up the owl quotient!! Little owls would go great with the happi tree boy baby shower supplies I picked up!!


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