keep calm and......shut up? maybe not so much.....

so im def not one to jump on the "whatever is popular" bandwagon. i have seen this dang sign for a while now and decided i needed to get to the bottom of it's origin.

being the history lover that i am i now have a love for the saying. apparently it was a war poster that was never used during world war II in britain. and wwII has a special place in my heart.....seriously.

however catchy the original slogan may or may not be (it's cool but not a full cup o' tea for me) i have recently found some other variations that i am loving and will be making things out of (prob some canvas paintings and jewelry...maybe even some cards idk yet) so i decided to share some of them here.

this one is prob my fav

for my love of ass kicking

not a sex in the city fan but thought this one was cute

for my ancient egyptian love

for my kansas love

for my star wars and luke skywalker love
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  1. hahahahahaha the last one has me in stitches!!!!! Very good! I love it :)


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