does anyone own a dictionary anymore??

quick rant...

i understand that at times there are going to be typos in ever the most excellent of english teacher's writings....however i hate it when people repeatedly misspell the same words over and over and over. they need.... like a list of commonly misspelled words or something because they obviously do not own a dictionary.

here are some of my favorites:

~of coarse (i HATE's spelled course you dumbass)
~to, too, and two are three different words with three different meanings. find out what those meanings are and use the words accordingly.
~there, their and they're are also three different words.....learn the defs and then use them correctly.
~loose, lose - loose is the opposite of tight, lose is the opposite of win....get it right.
~no, know - no is the opposite of yes, know refers to something you've learned. (or in this case haven't learned)
~weather, whether - weather is what the meteorologist always predicts wrong, whether is used when making a choice.

there are too many more to list but you get what im trying to say here.

i am not the best in writing the english language but there was a reason i was spelling bee champ in the third grade. so in conclusion........get a freaking dictionary and look up the definition of a word. if that definition does not properly describe what you are talking about the guess what??? its not the correct word!

go back to third grade and learn how to spell "of course"!

the end.
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  1. if this were facebook, i would click the 'like' button. i am a fanatic when it comes to spelling. on facebook, i get very annoyed when people use poor grammar or spelling in their statuses...and if someone is a repeat offender, i always hide them in my feed so that i don't have to look at their stupidity all the time.


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