that's why they call me thumper!

so im going to talk about the birds for a minute. (i am an amateur ornithologist....among other things)

yes..... the birds as in ♪ feed the birds tuppence a bag ♪.

and the birds as in the hitchcock horror flick.

also the birds as in black bird singing in the dead of night andthree little birds pitch by my doorstep singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true

so we feed the birds here at the house. every morning if they have not gotten their morning supply of feed they start chirping like crazy and try to peck our eyes out! ( im totally kidding about the eyeball part)

i enjoy bird watching and was introduced to it by my crafty/artist grandmother(paternal). she passed away when i was 6 years old. i remember all the birds she had painted that she would put all over the house. i am privileged enough to have some of those paintings that i can look at now and reminisce on those times. i also have a small bird watching book that belonged to her.
my grandmother (maternal) was a huge owl fanatic! she had owls everywhere and bequeathed that love on to me! my best friend betty white also has a love of these birds of the night....this is yet another reason we are bosom buddies and the most awesome people on the planet. one day we will be darning socks or whatever it is that really really awesome old ladies do together and will be surrounded by our 5 million owl figurines....but she will have to dust them because im not a fan of dusting.

we have tons of different species of birds that dine in our feeders and my son finds excitement in trying to look them up in our big book o' birdies. this book is amazing because not only does it give you information about 250 birds in north america it also plays their song for you.

so there are two particular species of birds i look for every year. one of them (the indigo bunting) showed up a few days ago and i got an amazing picture of it earlier today.

this is a male indigo bunting (left) female indigo bunting (right)

and a goldfinch in the middle who wouldnt get his curious head out of the pic.

i also took this one of a male indigo

the species of the indigo bunting is said to be the magellan of the bird world because ornithologist think it navigates by using the stars at night.

the other bird the im waiting for only hangs out for a week or two. last year i got some ok pics of it (idk where they are) but here is one i found online. this bird species is called the rose-breasted grosbeak. it is a beautiful bird and sooo hard to get a shot of. mine from last year were through a glass window so they werent all that great. so when he comes to town i will be updating you on his visit.

when i indoctrinate others about birds and things of that nature i feel like thumper trying to teach bambi about all the creatures of the forest......thats me....thumper.....enlightener of others on various woodland creatures....among other things.

***note: no animals were harmed in the writing of this blog....except a mouse that was just caught in the mouse trap in the kitchen....i heard it go off and am too afraid to go look but i heard him flopping around for a while and now there is no noise....maybe i should go check things out.....where are my boots???

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