do i look like i need your advice? im like..... mary poppins....ok?!?!?

i love how when you go to a store and the cashier gives you advice about everything you buy.
i mean.....really do i look like i need your advice?

ok maybe that's a little sure these random people are just trying to be nice and make conversation. im sure they get a little bored at times. so i should be more than happy to obliged them.

there is a girl that works at the target store i frequent. (she reminds me of the target girl that is spoofed on saturday night live's target skit ) my real life best friend (betty white**) says this target girl is my best friend because i will carry on conversations with her while she is critiquing my merchandise. she is the overly friendly and helpful type. the type that is a major over achiever, and 110% target's employee of the century. you can tell target is her life.....totally nothing wrong with that. whatever floats your boats i guess. but on this particular day (just a few short hours ago) betty white and i were shopping the dollar aisle (tha best btw) and we decided to buy some wildflower seed packs since tomorrow is earth day. so as betty white and i get into the line that my target best friend is working (we always get in her line so we can have hours of fun filled conversation about her and just recently introduced betty white's husband to the awesomeness that is target's employee of the century) betty white looks at me and says should i get both of these packs of flowers (one is hummingbird and butterfly flower seeds the other is fragrant flower seeds) then my target best friend pipes up and says "If you get the hummingbird ones you will only have one hummingbird because they are so aggressive and territorial but if you get the other pack you will have a lot of birds."

if you are going to give someone advise about a product please know what you are talking about. i love how she eavesdropped on our conversation and decided to give us her words of wisdom....its the reason we always go out of our way to find her when it's check out time. so betty white decided to get the more fragrant wildflower assortment of seeds while i stuck with my hummingbird and butterfly assortment of seeds.

so then we decide we need to goto the ever entertaining walmart. so we head over there to get betty white some annual flowers.....wonder around deciding on what's the best price (in a past life we were probably siamese twin jews.....not that there is anything at all wrong with being jewish or a siamese twin) so we got some petunias and snapdragons because they need 8 hours of sunlight per day. as we are leaving the store the door greeter tells us "oh those are such beautiful flowers. make sure you give them plenty of sunlight and they wont die." really lady?? thats the reason we bought them and although we are in alabama AND in walmart that doesnt mean we can't read. neither betty white or myself are from the great state of alabama that we both now inhabit. (sorry if there are any alabamians reading this blog but im not trying to offend you....only stating facts)

thats when betty white and i realized that this is something that plagues us everywhere we go. people give us random advice about things we are buying or things we are doing....and naturally i will be sharing all of those things here. it was also then that betty white and i realized we obviously look like we need help or people would not be reaching out to us with their super awesome advice. they must not realize we have the genes of mary poppins that have been injected into two equally amazingly awesome human beings.....betty white and myself.

**names have been changed to protect the identity of the people mentioned in this blog. if their names are unknown to me then they have not been changed at all and they are named as the actual names betty white and i give them.
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