earth day is everyday!

so yesterday was earth day....something i am conscious of on a daily basis. although i had to work alllll day and all night yesterday i made my earth day impact on every person i talked to....well at least i like to think that i did.

after i got my son off to school in his earth day shirt i made some cupcakes. i baked them in recycled wrappers. i also make little "earths" on top of them using white chocolate that i melted, colored blue, and let set. i then used a buttercream icing recipe that i love because it's so simple and delicious.

i got kinda bored with making a bunch of earths so i just did a few. everyone said they tasted awesome....i hope they were being serious. i went by betty white's house and dropped a few off to let them try.....(them as in her husband and their offspring *pebbles)

i also took our large trash bags of plastic bottles that we collect daily to the recycle bin (sadly we dont have community pickup for recyclables)

i encouraged everyone i worked with to go buy flowers or plants (we always do a tree and this year my son wanted a golden delicious apple tree so my mother helped him plant it yesterday since i was gone all day) several of the people i talked to said they were going to go do it so i hope they did.

well thats the extent of my earth day blog. since i was not able to be more overly active myself i used my powerful tool of persuasion to get people to be more aware of the earth. i told them to try and be more conscious of the daily choices they make that could easily be changed without effort to be more eco friendly!
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