a boy's best friend is his mother.

hi there. im amanda and this is my first blog entry. i have a lot of things on my mind and i have a lot of conversations with myself so i thought....why not blog them so you dont seem like a crazy person talking to yourself.?? so here i am.

i have one son, mr. b, who is turning six in a couple of months. he is my life and there is nothing that will ever change that. i sacrifice everything to make him happy. since he will be the only child i will give birth to i guess i need to make sure i dont mess this up. most of my blogging with probably involve him in one way or another, however i do have vast quantities of knowledge i will be sharing that has nothing to do with parenting or motherhood.

my grandmother was a very talented artist/crafter and i have inherited her talents. (well i think im talented but others may not) i enjoy making and creating new things. some people that know me call me martha stewart.

im also an environmentalist so i try to live as green as i possibly can. living green is expensive and since im not a wealthy person i do my part however little it may or may not be. i also bring my craftiness into my recycling and earth saving endeavors. i will eventually be on one of those oprah pack rat episodes. i refuse to throw things away that i think will be a future component of a brilliant craft project. so because of that i have boxes and boxes of random junk....egg cartons, ribbon spools, broken glasses, galvanized mini buckets from the restaurant i serve at.....etc etc

i also like photography. i have recently started trying to dip my toes in the photography pool. people i show my work to tell me that it is awesome but they also know me and would lie to me instead of hurt my feelings. but i enjoy doing it so even if i really do suck, i will continue to strive for excellence.

like i said before my son is my life and my top priority....motherhood calls so i will continue another time. he wants a story before bed. after all "a boy's best friend is his mother" ~norman bates, psycho

p.s. i only capitolize things when they are super significant.
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