Thrifty Goodwill Baby Shower

most people know that i am a thrift-a-holic. i even have my own thrifting website NOVAthrifting where i write reviews of local thrift stores here in northern virginia. 

anyways...when i announced my pregnancy in may i had so many friends asking me if i were going to have a baby shower and that they wanted to get me a gift. well....while i LOVE giving gifts and making things for others i am not so good at accepting gifts.....let alone opening them in front of people. so i started to get anxiety. also, im a little old school and since i had already had a baby shower with my first born (10 years ago) i felt like it was rude to ask for another shower.

my solution came to me one day while i was browsing through the baby section of one of my favorite thrift stores....why not have a thrifty baby shower?? so i started googling and searching on pinterest and could not find a thing. i find it hard to believe that someone out there has not had a thrifty gift baby shower! 

this is the BEST way to do it y'all and im about to tell you why! i got some really creative and awesome gifts for baby brother! i even had a prize for the person who had the most thrifty gift. i did do a baby registry for some things...not everyone has time to go thrifting or enjoys it like i do so i did not want to exclude anyone. and i do love everything i received....not just my thrifted items.

here are my invitations that i designed and my sister printed and mailed.

i got too many awesome things to list but here are a few things that i photographed to share.

clearance magnetic primer! such a great idea since i love to craft and make stuff!

my mother in law made this scrapbook which was from the goodwill and all the pieces she made were thrifted too!

my sister found this little toy horse at an antique consignment. too cute!

my mom got this bag at a yard sale for me to use as a diaper bag.

some of my favorite...i got blankets that belonged to my nieces, nephews and other family
members as gifts! love knowing that when i use them people i love have used them too!

so the most thrifty gift award goes too......

my former boss and one of my best good friends charlene. she really has a heart of gold. her gift was not only thrifty but the most sentimental. two of the gifts she gave me belonged to her son anthony sanders. he passed away when he was 16 years old on August 16, 2001 after a short battle with cancer. he was her only child and it is heartbreaking to think of the pain of not only loosing a child, but not being able to prevent it from happening. she is like a second mother to me and i love her dearly. the little tennis shoes were anthony's first pair and they even have a little alabama red clay on the bottom to remind me that he wore them in the yard. the baseball was one of his prized possessions...signed by the 1992 atlanta braves team. i will forever cherish these gifts....and all of them i received. THAT is why i recommend a thrifty baby shower. sometimes the greatest gift of all cannot be purchased new off the it in someone's home or an item that can be recycled from the goodwill or thrift store.

here are some of the new gifts too. i loved them all! thank you everyone who took the time out of their day to come see us!

oh...and since it's fall i made this little mustache man pumpkin. isn't he cute??

happy thrifting ya'll!

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  1. What a great idea! I found your blog from the VA Bloggers Board and I love it =) The story about Anthony made me tear up.
    Recently, I've had a number of close friends and their children battle cancer and it's the most heart wrenching thing to even witness...
    let alone go through yourself. Her gift was such a sweet way to remember her son while celebrating yours. Congratulations on your
    newest addition!

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