DIY Wood Medallion Chalkboard Christmas Ornament

here is an easy DIY project that would be super cute for teacher gifts, random acts of kindness gifts or just to have on your own tree.

here are the supplies i used to make these ornaments:

tree limb
hand saw
drill with small bit
chalkboard paint
sanding paper

find a tree limb that is the width you prefer. keep in mind larger sizes will not hand properly on a tree so keep it about 3 inches. use your handsaw and slice as many pieces off that you would like. always do a few more than needed just in case you mess up on something.

get your sand paper and sand the side you are going to paint just enough to get the grain of the wood smooth. go ahead and drill a hole at the top portion...not too close to the top to prevent splitting or breaking.

use chalkboard paint to create your surface. allow it to dry 12-24 hours.

prime your chalkboard surface by lightly running the chalk over the chalk paint area and the cleaning off with a dry/lightly damp cloth.

run your twine through the drilled whole and tie.

now draw your designs. simple as that!

enjoy and if you make your own send me an email to amanda {at} so i can share!

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  1. We use a real Christmas tree each year and we always end up with a small extra part of it after we cut the bottom in order to fit the tree in the stand. Now I finally know what I will make with it! Thanks for sharing this wonderful decorating idea!

  2. We made these this year for our family and friends. What a great idea :) They turned out beautifully! Thank you!

  3. Making these right now, but I'll be using a chalk paint pen to make the images brighter and less likely to smear.

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  6. This DIY wood medallion chalkboard Christmas ornament is an ideal homemade gift suggestion, suitable for various occasions such as teacher gifts, acts of kindness, or personal tree decorations. Let your creativity flourish as you design your own unique ornaments, and remember to share your creations by using the provided email. If you need assistance with event management project topics, please let me know, and I'll be happy to help.

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