Homemade Chicken Egg Rolls

this recipe is ohhhh so easy and super delicious. so much better than buying the frozen egg rolls and feeding your family all those preservatives.

here is what you need:
egg roll wraps 
(i use nasoya because they have no msg. msg & i do not get along...at all)
broccoli cole slaw
(i use mann's...again no msg)
ginger dressing 
(can make your own but i buy an organic brand)
oyster sauce
canola oil 

i do not have an exact measurement on this recipe. you really do not need exacts other than the oyster sauce as it can be too strong sometimes. most of my measurements will be estimates. based on these estimates I get about 6 good sized egg rolls.

boil your chicken or take a short cut and use canned chicken.
shred chicken into a medium saute pan. (about 1 cup)
add your ginger dressing (about 1/3cup)
heat on  med-low.
when heated through add in slaw mix (about 2-3 cups)
and add your broccoli (as much/little as you would like. i use 3/4 cup)
continue to heat on med-low temp for about 5 minutes. stirring constantly.
add 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce and remove from heat. stir well.

add your canola oil (or cooking oil of choice) to frying pan on medium heat.
fill your egg roll wraps diagonal (see photo below) 
wrap em up and use the water to seal the wraps.
place flap side down in pan.
cook on each side about 2 minutes each or until the egg roll is golden brown.

serve with your favorite sauce. i like to use ginger dressing!

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