Easy Halloween Crafts

Spooky Crafts      
    Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. I love creating crafts and spooky things to decorate my sons room with.
 I have  put together 3 of my favorites and will give brief instructions on making them. 
 Enjoy making these spooky crafts with your family or friends and if you  have a photo you would like to submit of your creative crafting please send to amanda@greenowlcrafts.com and I will share it online!

Googly Eyed Frame  

Get a cheap photo frame or one you have laying around the house. Spray paint it black, and let it dry. Use an adhesive (glue, mod podge, etc) to cover the frame.   Apply your googly eye varieties to the adhesive. Decorate as desired and insert a spooky photo or create one with stamps/stickers etc.

Mice Infested Pumpkin 

This craft is pretty simple and can be done with out too much instruction. One tip I will point out is to always carve your pumpkins by cutting a hole in the bottom rather than the top. It gives it more balance and prevents the top from falling in if you light it from the inside.

The Raven

The dollar store has black crows for Halloween every year. I buy up all of them I can find for fun projects like this. Get a small wooden plaque  and paint it black. Decapitate (sounds so gross) your crow/raven and glue him (or her) to the plaque.    I printed ’nevermore’ onto paper from an old book and made a  “name- plate.”

these crafts were published in the october 2011 issue of lake wedowee life magazine.

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