Time to Re-Organize for the New Year

Ahhh… the wonder of Christmas! The lights, the decorations, the holiday smells. The excitement and anticipation you feel as you’re putting items out for the holidays. Oh what fun it is....to unpack and remember past holiday memories with each new item you set out.

And then, BAM, it’s over and you need to put everything away. Not fun....at least not in my house! Christmas is our favorite time of year and I love making crafts & I love my craft supplies. I wish I could leave them out year round.

Enjoy these photos of my crazy house and my Christmas crafting area (which is in my dinning room and keep in mind this is only part of my crafting stuff....the other area is way to messy and embarrassing to share.)
 half of my tree has decorations. 
every time i walk by i take one off and pack it away.
it's a slow process i know but i honestly do not want to take them down.

i can see my ugly kitchen cabinets in the background.
yuck. those will be changed some day.....

the container under the table makes me laugh. it is full of scraps i could not let people throw out.
AND i have used many things from it in my crafts. 
oooh there are my cookies cutters on the left! 
i need to make sure i put those back in the kitchen.

 gift tag box. always gotta have some good writing pens at your station.

scrap fabric box. i used these to embellish my gifts.

 i always seem to have things that i never use. maybe next year.

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