last minute teacher appreciation gift

so i have been hella busy trying to get my house in order so i can start inviting guests over...needless to say i have 2 day jobs on top of being mom to one, aunt to 4, and master to one cute but sometimes annoying little pup. at the end of the week i wonder how the heck things went by so quickly. with that being said it shouldn't be surprising that i forgot to think of something to make for my son's awesome teacher & his super awesome bus driver (who is changing routes after 19 terribly upset about this but i wish her the best! xoxox ms. gloria) this tiny little town there are not many options for shopping for something unique....i desperately tried to think of things i had at home that i could recreate into something amazing...sadly i realize...i have no clue where all my stuff is...between the 2 storage units that are a wreck and the office i am sitting in as i type...also a disaster...i start panicking.

luckily....i have my succulent garden started with donations from my mom & my awesome aunt j. so i decide to pass along some "family heirlooms" to 2 ladies who mean a lot! i search the aisle of B's $ store and find is the F $ and i find for a buck a piece some hanging candle voltives. light bulbs flash and i purchase them. i head to the house...clean them...paint them pastel pink...add my potting soil and a succulent and tah:dah! something they arent gonna get from anyone else!!! i add a few elements to dress them up. i hope they enjoy...last minute sometimes has better results than careful planning!

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