{Valentine's Craft: Cupcake Liner Wreath}

This project is perfect for Valentine’s Day décor or change the color scheme and have one for every holiday or season.

Styrofoam Wreath Base{10 inch}
1.5” Ribbon{6 yards}
Cupcake Liners {50}
Hot Glue Gun

wrap the ribbon around the wreath base. keep the ribbon tight. this part will not be very visible so don’t worry if it is not perfect. hot glue at the end.

 bunch cupcake liners so the sides are close together with the opened end looking like flower petals.

 go all the way around the top and then work around to the outside. do not glue liners on the inside of the wreath unless you are using a much larger base., it will look like a big ball if you do…..trust me.

 when complete attach ribbon of your choice to the back side of the wreath base. Add any embellishments that you would like {for this particular wreath I just added a paper flower to the top of the ribbon.}

there are many other uses for this project. you can make it centerpiece for a party or your dinner table. it can also be used with a picture frame. enjoy!

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