{ diy advent calendar }

i decided to try a new form of advent calendar this year. mr. b has gotten bored with the candy countdowns....the paper chain countdown....and the countdown the christmas scene calendar we have used in the past. i took two 16 x 20 canvases and painted them (one green and one red)

i took 24 clothespins and adhered christmas scrapbook paper to them. i hot glued them to the canvas. i used 24 mini sacks ( i wanted to use brown craft sacks but went with the white instead) and added little gifts inside. i tied them up with baker's twine that i made myself out of kite string and grey markers (tutorial to come soon) the bakers twine was for a little bit of decoration as well as to ensure that mr. b didn't peep.

i printed the numbers on top of digital scrapbook paper that i made and punched with a circle scalloped 1.5' punch. i adhered them to the sacks in case i wanted to change the calendar next year. i had a last minute idea to do a deal or no deal type of thing...but maybe for next year.

here is what i have in my sacks in random order...since i dont remember where i have them all placed!
24. micro machine
23. tony hawk undies (1 pair)
22. shaun white belt
21. tony hawk tech deck  mini skateboard
20. tony hawk tech deck  mini skateboard
19. mini lego man
18. mini lego man
17. 5 $1 bills
16. champagne party poppers
15. 1918 dime
14. 1935 buffalo nickel
13. $2 bill
12. pirate treasure chocolate coins
11. 2 gold dollars
10. 8 quarters
09. crazers hot wheels erasers
08. micro machines
07. shaun white wallet with $5
06. gloves
05. hand sanitizer
04. $5 toys r us giftcard
03. open one christmas present
02. $5 walmart gift card
01. $10 target gift card

hope some of my ideas might help you as well.
merry christmas to all!

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