{ our sunday volcano project }

beau & i made a volcano sunday.
we started out with an empty gatorade bottle.
i hot glued it to a foil wrapped cardboard piece.
then we formed paper around the bottle and taped it.
i used a elmer's glue & water mixture to creat apaper mache.
we used our scrap paper and covered the volcano.
i sat it in front of the fan to dry for about 2 hours.
we painted the brown and then the red.
i put a little liquid dish soap and yellow and red food coloring in the bottle.
then i poured in about 1 tbsp baking soda.
i had a half cup of warm water that i added.
then add a half cup white vinegar.
then enjoy the erruption.

ps :: by allowing the volcano to dry well and wrapping the cardboard
 in foil you can reuse the volcano for several erruptions!
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