{ father's day gift } for the golfer

here is a great and easy project for fathers day::enjoy!

Supplies Needed

1 bag of tees

1 Tag

1 piece of coordinating card stock cut to the size of tee tag




Step 1: Print your free printable here. (this one is for the color scheme shown)

I have designed 3 different color schemes



  Step 2: Measure the tag on the tees.

  Step 3: Cut out your tags and cut out coordinating scrapbook paper to the size you measured.

Step 4: Staple scrapbook paper to the bag. (Try to staple in far enough that your tag will hide your staples)

Step 5: Tape your tag onto your scrapbook paper. I used scrapbooking tape for this.
Step 6: Wrap jute around the bag loosely about 3 times and tie in the back.

Step 7: Tape your circle tag onto the front of the bag in the middle of jute.

And you're done!

Super simple and easy to make.

I hope you like it! :)

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