Patriotic Crafts :: Fourth of July Boat Parade Edition

Boat Parade Edition

In the spirit of July Fourth and the Lake Wedowee Boat Parade I decided to do several
easy crafts for you and your family to do. Use them as boat parade decorations or for round your home. I spent about $20 on all of these crafts combined. They are an
easy, fun, and inexpensive way to get everyone involved in celebrating our nation’s birthday!

Patriotic Bunting
Fabric      Scissors

Paint      String

Stencils    Eyelets


This craft may look wordy but it is easy to do. There are a lot of steps involved. This craft can be used with anything….not just a boat.

To start off you will need to cut a large piece of fabric (I got both of mine from the thrift store for about $2.00 each) into a half circles. (TIP: If you do not have anything to make circles for you then use a string. Tie a pencil to one end and secure the other end on the fabric. Strecth the string taught and then trace around into a half circle.)

Decorate your fabric if needed. Allow paint to dry before you continue.
After you decorate fold the fabric vertical into 4 equal pieces.

Put your eyelets into equally spaced locations along the top. Follow the directions on the eyelet package and use your hammer to secure them.

Use a notebook ring to secure the eyelets together.
Secure a small eyelet to each side to hang. Tie off your string.
Be creative with this one and use your imagination on the endless decoration possibilities.

This Eco Friendly Garland is a great way to show you creative side.

Find household items that can be transformed into a custom décor item.

For this particular look I used coffee filters, cupcake liners,

patriotic ribbon, and buttons. Let your imagination guide you!

Tin Can Wind “Sock”

For this craft I used a No. 10 can, acrylic paint, left over scrap cloth from the Patriotic Bunting craft, and twine. Use a drill to put two holes near the bottom of the tin can on either side. Paint whatever design you would like and let it dry. Using a hot glue gun glue strips of cloth (or you can use a multitude of items, maybe even some that make noise). Run your twine through the holes previously drilled in the top and tie at the holes from the inside.

Hang & enjoy!
Patriotic Pom Poms

Here is a cost efficient and fun décor item that can be used anywhere and in multiple ways. Simply fold 5-10 sheets of tissue paper accordion style. Secure at the center with floral wire. Round top edges with scissors and carefully pull sections apart to get the “pom pom” look. Secure a string to floral wire in the center. Hang & enjoy. Can also be fastened to garland, Christmas lights, or fishing line .

Star Spangled Spinner

Print downloaded template (click here to download) onto white card stock and cut out the circle/star and the pinwheel, snipping between the pinwheel's "wings" down to the small dot. Using a large needle or push pin, poke a hole into the dot in the center of the circle/star, into the dots on the end of each wing, and into the dot in the center of the pinwheel. Then take a 5/16" dowel rod (I painted mine red first) and slide an eraser cap onto it. Next, insert a long pin through the hole in the circle/star, then fold the four wings towards the center and insert the pin through the holes. Finally, insert the pin through the large center dot and into the eraser .

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