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If you are a reader of Lake Wedowee Life then you will know that 3 of my favorite things to craft with are burlap, twine and mason jars. 

These three crafts were super easy to make and inexpensive. We will start with the twine pumpkin.

The supplies you will need are:
Cinnamon stick
White glue
Green spray paint (optional)
Plastic wrap
Large glass and pencil/pen

Pour white glue into a bowl. You will need about 5-6 tablespoons.
Measure about 3 feet of twine and cut. Measure about 14 inches of twine and cut. Place pieces into the glue and coat well. Does not have to be heavily saturated, just sticky/tacky. Measure a six inch piece of twine and set aside for later.
Wrap the middle piece of twine around the pencil in a spiral. This will be the “leaf.” Wrap the longer piece of twine around the glass covered in plastic wrap. Do not overlap but keep the spiral tights.
Allow the twine to dry overnight. Slowly unwrap the twine. It should stay formed into a spiral shape.  Take the  smaller piece of twine you set aside earlier and loop through the center of the spirals and tie. Spray paint the small spiral green.
Once tied and secure, I spread out the stiff twine loops evenly around the center to form a complete pumpkin. Add the cinnamon stick to the center. You can use hot glue if you’d like to secure it better. Then tuck in the green twine spiral. Again you can hot glue this one too.
Now on to the mason jar lid pumpkin. The supplies you will need for these are:
20-25 jar lids
Small piece of Twine
Cinnamon stick
Small piece of burlap
Orange & Green spray paint

Spray your jar lids with orange spray paint. You can leave them natural colored if that will fit with your decorating scheme or use a different color altogether.  Allow them to dry.

Spray your piece of burlap. You could buy green burlap but I used what I had on hand. Allow that to dry.

Once lids are drip loop twine through the center and secure tightly with a knot. Spread them out evenly. Add cinnamon stick to the center and tuck in your burlap leaf. Can be hot glued if necessary.

The pumpkin wreath is pretty self explanatory. I purchased orange burlap on sale at my favorite craft store for 3.99. I used a small green wreath base that was purchased at a dollar store.

Weave the burlap through the base. I used used industrial strength adhesive for the cinnamon stick stem and a piece of greenery from the yard for the leaf.

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