DIY Constellation Scarf

This scarf is great to make for  someone on your  list who appreciates handmade gifts. If you happen to know me personally you will know that this is the PERFECT gift for me. Wait...why did I make this a gift for someone? It’s staying in my closet!

This DIY scarf does not have to be constellations. There are numerous different things that you could do with it. (FYI I got this at a name brand department store on clearance for $6!)

The items that you will need to make the
constellation scarf (see photo above):

White/off-white scarf
Craft Foam
Super Glue
Cardboard sqaures
Fabric Paint Ink Pad
Fabric Marker/Pen
Star Map/Constellation Guide
Start  out by using craft foam and cardboard to make your stamps. I got a little help drawing out the stars. I wanted an imperfect yet recognizable shape to be my star and this is what a star looks like when you focus in on it through a telescope. Cut out your shapes and super glue them to your cardboard squares. Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes before you begin.
Get your star map out (you can download one from our website) and decide which constellations you want to use. All of the ones that I used had a meaning to me personally. The one pictured above is Cancer and is the zodiac of my son and my grandmother.
Use your stamps to make the main stars pf your constellation. I made different size stamps because there are some stars that are “bigger” than others in each constellation. Only do one constellation at a time so that you do not forget which belongs to what star.

Connect the starts with dotted lines using your fabric marker. Pull the scarf tight when you are doing this so that you do not get any smudges. You can also use solid line sif you want but the dotted lines give more of a trendy look.
Allow each constellation to dry a minute or two before moving on to the next one. Do as many as you think are needed to fill the scarf.

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