DIY Printable Coasters

DIY Custom Coasters
I made this craft per a special request by one of our readers (of Lake Wedowee Life magazine), Kim Stone.  There are so many possibilities to customize this craft to your style. I made four printable sets that you can download for free. These are lake/summer themed sets (well...2 are) and there are 2 custom for Lake Wedowee.
 Scroll to the bottom to download each set individually. 
I used 4x4 stone tiles ($3.97 for 8) from the home improvement store. Print the coaster set of your choice, cut and adhere to tiles with modge podge. Once dry use a spray shellac to cover the front. Allow plenty of time to dry(4-6 hours). Use felted tabs on the bottom to avoid damage to furniture.

Supplies you will need:
4" x 4" tiles
mod podge
sponge brush
coaster graphic (or you can use an old map or scrapbook paper)

Download & Print your favorite coaster graphic.

cut your coaster image to fit a little inside the edge of the tile.

cover tile with mod podge and then place the graphic on top.
cover the top with mod podge and allow it to dry a few hours.

once dry spray with shellac a few coats allowing each coat 15-20 minutes to dry.

place felted tabs on the bottom to protect your furniture.

CLICK HERE to download this set.

CLICK HERE to download this set.

CLICK HERE to download this set.

CLICK HERE to download this set.

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