Olympic Craft Party for London 2012 Opening Ceremonies

Another blog coming to you via mobile. All these photos are off my cell phone (because my hands were too messy to use my Canon) so they are not the best.

We had such a great night teaching the boys about the Olympics. Mr. B is old enough to understand and he had a great time doing the flag scavenger hunt during the march of nations.

Our gold medal cookies didn't turn out quite how we planned but they sure did taste delicious.

We made abstract Olympic rings art with Styrofoam cups and paint. The boys really loved that.

We also colored some free printable I found online.

Photo Bombed! LOL

The Olympics was always a huge part of mine and my sister's childhood. I'm glad the boys seem to have the same excitement about it that we still do. I still get choked up when I talk about the 96 Olympics in Atlanta. The women's gymnastics competition is something I will forever think of first when the Olympics are mentioned or watched. Kerri Stug's emotional vault is something I picture whenever I think I can't go on anymore. Her courage and determination will forever be imprinted into my mind.

I hope these games are just as memorable! Go World and Team USA!!

Check out my Pinterest Olympic Pinboard for more Olympic Inspirations!

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  1. I like the cookie idea- always better to eat them up instead of throw it away! Love to have you link up with us @costours.blogspot.com


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