{ free box finds} yea..i got this free

so.. im not sure if i have ever blogged about "the free box"
well here it goes: where my mom works (and where i use to work)
we have a free box (which is now a free closet)
whoever has something they want to donate to the thrift or just throw away
they bring it to the free box ( i will never call it the free closet)
((and yes i am one of those people who will call it whatever i want to))

i dont remember how the free box came to be but it has been very helpful to
people in need...and for people who are not in need and just collect junk (like me)

anyways back to my free stuff for today...
my mom brought some items home to me yesterday
and asked me if i wanted them
duh...i did... there are a ton of vintage buttons here and some old vinyl records
the records are not from anyone popular but the titles on them are pretty awesome
AND they will go towards my project i have been working on for a while
(it's top secret)
((i will share with you at a later date))

here is some fabric samples that i will be able to make something out of at some point.

i love these types of buttons.
so thank you to anyone and everyone who contributes to the free box
there are many people in the folsom community who are in need that benefit
if you have anything you would like to donte and are in the wedowee area
please fill out my contact form and let me know
you can donate pretty much anything that's not trash or perishable items!
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  1. The free box was started when Betty and I cleaned out the monster of a storage room and we had stuff that no one wanted but was still good stuff. We dragged "the box" down the hall and put a sign on it that said "Free Stuff". Then I had stuff at home that I didn't want and so did the other staff and then parents and that is how it was started.


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