fall baby shower

i was thinking about my sister's baby shower i did for her 3 years ago and thought i would post some photos.
however i realized these are the only two i have showing the set up :(
i was so consumed with making sure everything was perfect that i forgot to take photos!

i made these letters out of chipboard and painted them with the shower colors.
i also printed baby photos of my sister, brother in law, and neice onto sticker paper.
i hand cut each one (i didnt have a punch...i was stupid and didnt buy one) and then used key tags with toothpicks to stick them into the cupcakes.

since her shower was the day after halloween i got a green pumpkin and made a carraige out of it instead of using a watermelon to make a fruit basket...i made a punpkin baby carraige. the green pumpkin came from hill's market in delta, al. he has a lot of neat gourds that he grows in his garden.
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