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A couple of weeks ago Lake Wedowee Life received a surprise. We came into the office and noticed a small velvet bag with a poem. When we opened the bag there was a cute little Elf named Annabelle inside. According to her poem she is a magic elf from the North Pole. She wanted to visit with us for a couple of weeks so that we could let all of our readers know about her and her pals.

Over the past couple of weeks she has gotten into some mischief! Apparently Annabelle and her Elf friends cause quite a ruckus in the households they visit before Christmas.

Over fifty years ago, Elves made their debut in the childhood home of Elf Magic’s Chief Elf Officer (CEO) Piper Worthington. Elves sent by Santa himself magically appeared in her home when she and her sister, Anita, were fast asleep. For weeks, they would find these playful Elves hiding in a different spot each morning when they awoke. As kind as they were adventurous, the Elves began helping the sisters with daily chores and leaving them personalized notes, imparting important lessons about responsibility and selflessness.

Elf Magic’s “Timeless Christmas Tradition” begins with a child writing a letter to Santa Claus requesting an Elf Magic friend to visit through the Christmas season. Before going to bed, the child will place the Elf’s favorite snack of crackers and ice water on the kitchen counter to lure the Elf. Why crackers and ice water, you ask? Because Elves’ favorite snack is a reminder of their snowy home – the ice water is melting North Pole Snowflakes and the crackers sound like crunching snow!

Magically, an individually named, 10-inch plush Elf appears at the child’s home between Thanksgiving and the days leading up to Christmas … once the Elf has finished all of his or her work at the North Pole.

Each Elf Magic Elf comes with a poem and tips that explain the tradition, along with magical North Pole Snowflakes, which the child sprinkles on the Elf each night to bring him or her to life. While the family is asleep, the Elf is wide awake and ready to play! This is the time when the Elf goes on all types of adventurous Elfcapades from cookie baking, gift wrapping and hiding in freezers (because the Elves love the frosty temperature!).

After a night of embarking on playful adventures, the Elf hides for the child to find the next morning – maybe under a pile of unrolled toilet paper or even on the blade of a ceiling fan! If the fan is on high, the Elf might just “fly” through the air.

Elves are very creative and love to have fun! During the day, they can tag along on all the child's daily adventures from gazing at Christmas lights, visiting the child's school, going shopping or even organizing a sleepover "Elf parties!” Some Elves even pick a weekly Bible verse the family can discuss and memorize. There is no limit to the joy Elf Magic can bring!

The Elves can be a spirited group. While some of the Elves have mischievous streaks from time to time, Santa knows which Elf will be the best fit for each family. So whether a family wants excitement or simply companionship from their Elf, Santa will make sure the right Elf arrives at that home.

Elves return to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve to help deliver toys around the world; but don’t fret, as the Elves will return again next Christmas to create more fun-filled memories. Elf Magic Elves are so endearing, they become the child’s best friend! Because of this, Elves have been known to show up for brief visits throughout the year as a surprise for special events, like birthdays, the first day of school or even on family vacations!

For more information on the Elf Magic tradition, visit Santa's Favorite Website: http://www.elf-magic.com/.

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