{heflin alabama's hwy 46 yard sale}

I participated in the Hwy 46 13th annual yard sale on friday. (well im writing this rough draft right now from the yard sale. its about 9:00 a.m.) This yard sale starts in Heflin, Alabama off of the I-20 exit (199) and wraps around through Ranburne, Alabama to the Georgia State line (20 miles total). So far I have made only one sale and I bought something from the girl next to me....so I have $1 as of right now. I have been up here since 6:30. A lot of lookers but no takers. And I am getting positive feedback even though no one is buying.

I want to tell some of my people watching stories to help me pass the time..... So far I have seen 503 people smoking cigarettes while shopping/selling (so classy). And I have seen 97 shoe less children (of walking age), 3 people drinking beer, and 500,000 alabama/auburn t-shirts. All of this by 9 am.

Most of the people who have stuff for sale here are what I like to call professional trade day people. They are the ones at flea markets and on the street corner on weekdays trying to sell their junk finds. This is probably the only way they can earn a living in between their disability/unemployment checks....ok that was kinda mean of me to say....but if you frequent trade days/flea markets you will understand where I'm coming from.

$$$ update: I have made sixty-five dollars so far! Its 11:30 and traffic is starting to slow down. I think im going to start packing up since Mr. B wasn't feeling too good this morning. Ill probably go pick him up early from school so he doesnt have to play outside in the heat.

Well that is the extent of my yard sale experience. I ended up making about $80. I had planned on going Saturday as well....but I was up sick all night/morning with whatever Mr. B had.

this evening we are going to the north georgia state fair. hopefully i have plenty to blog/rant about tomorrow! i hope you all have a wonderful wednesday!

the end.
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